Over the past few years the HEDclip has developed into an international success. Learn about our significant development milestones below.


Health Equipment Denmark was founded in 2003 by Mads Petersen and Kristian Veedfald. The idea for HEDclip came from a dialysis patient (Kristians father) who mentioned the huge problems related to fixating the tubes during the dialysis treatment. From the start, it was clear that a good fixation solution should provide; optimum handling, flexibility, safe fixation and proper hygiene.



The development was made in corporation with a group of industrial designers and engineers. During the development phase two Danish hospitals provided the necessary user insights and tested the first prototypes. Before HEDclip was ready to launch a, thorough test was made on seven hospitals for a period of three months. The feedback from both nurses and patients was very positive, so now the product was ready for the Danish market.


Product Launch

The product lunch was based on personal selling and therefore all hospitals in Denmark were visited. Within half a year more than 80 percent of the Danish hospitals had bought HEDclip for their patients.


European Distribution

By exhibiting at different trade shows in both Sweden, Germany and the Czech Republic the knowledge about HEDclip was spread out across Europe. A lot of different distributors showed interested in HEDclip and wanted the product to be part of their assortment. Today HEDclip is being distributed in more than 14 different European countries.


New Production Facilities

In 2010 the production of HEDclip was moved from Denmark to Slovakia. It is the Danish company Knudsen Plast that handles the production at their factory in Vranov. The production was moved to fulfil the increased requirements from international customers. Today HEDclip meet both the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standard.


Global Partnerships

During the years, Health Equipment Denmark has made partnerships with some of the leading companies within the dialysis industry. Companies like Fresenius, Amgen, Nipro, Roche, BBruan use HEDclip in many different markets. Gambro/Baxter is the largest partner. They distribute HEDclip in more than 16 different markets.


Global Distribution

HEDclip can be delivered all over the world. In countries without a dedicated distributor, HEDclip will be shipped from Denmark. Typically, the delivery time is around 5 to 10 business days depending on country and order size.