Over the past few years the HEDclip has developed into an international success. It has gone from nesting as an idea in the minds of a few people to being sold in more than 30 countries all worldwide. The success is a result of the hard, dedicated work of a team of individuals who have all contributed to the creation of this unique device. 

The future in fixation

HEDclip is a fixation device. No more, absolutely no less. Its genius lies in the intersection between safety, usability, and uncompromising simplicity. Every detail is perfected through tireless optimization based on patient and caretaker feedback and tests upon tests. It is now at its peak and will continue to be so for years to come. Until now it has been serving as a helpful companion thousand of people worldwide for over 10 years.



Right at your fingertips

Attach it to a sleeve, the bed sheet, or whatever surface it fits onto. Slide in the blood lines. And adjust. 
It's simplicity right at your fingertips.


HEDclip is approved by patients and caretakers

I think the product is extremely useful and it has made my dialysis treatments much easier. I find it natural to promote its properties wherever I go.
— Patient
I have patients demanding that we use HEDclip during our treatments. They simply feel uneasy without it. It has even become something similar to a safety belt, which you instantly put on as part of your start-up rutine.
— Nurse

Fun Facts

  • The HEDclip was invented in Denmark  in 2003
  • The product was created to help the father of one of the founders - he was a dialysis patient himself
  • Patients in 35 countries, from Canada to Australia, have used HEDclip
  • The current version has gone through 7 version to become what it is today